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Online News Sources


DejaNews is a web based newsreader and posting service.You can read Usenet news and post to any newsgroup for free.No pictures or sounds.

Post to usenet groups through email.Even to WebTV groups from a Hotmail account.You can look at this SITE for extensive info on services.

We all know what it is like in WebTV groups.Trolls and flamers.Knowing the faq for a group especially a Usenet group is wise.Use this place.

A good pay service like Easynews but provides no thumbnails.It decodes all images and works great on WebTV.Worth it if in the market.

RemarQ offers a free news service.They currently provide images,mpegs and sound files.These can be uploaded via the Freeloader.Nice.

The edu Canberra reader is for reading only.If you have never seen a gopher site try it.To access the main gopher directory click here.

TILE.NET/NEWS is not a reader.It is a searchable directory of newsgroups.Click on a group and if WebTV carries it you will go to the group.

Liszt is a searchable directory also.It is very similar to TILE.NET.No reading.Just search for group names and go to the group if WebTV has it.

Extra Newsguy is a pay site.For a monthly fee you get access to Usenet.Many pay sites have groups WebTV does not.Pictures.

EasyNews is a pay site.You get thumbnails of all binary newsgroup pictures.All text posts are filtered out.It is recommended and I subscribe.

A GREAT site by a fellow webtver.It goes to great lengths to list all alt.discuss groups on WebTV.It is updated regularly.Nice work.

Newspapers Online is an extensive directory of newspapers.You can select from local,national,or international.Odds are you'll find your paper here.
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