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WBS Mover Instructions

the login form at the top of my page to login first to WBS.It is required.You will stay on my page.

Your File Manager:
After you upload WBS has a link to your file manager.My link is not necessary.This is just for your own use.Click it at any time after logging in.

This is the field you use to enter the file you wish to upload.I use code to place your last visited url in this field.Save my page to an f-key.The page/file you wish to upload will already be there.

I have it set to no.If you have a file at WBS with a name that is the same as the one you are attempting to upload and wish this to be replaced select yes.

Move This File:
Click to upload.Simple.

Email Me:
Click my email link if you wisk to contact me.

Self explanatory.You are here :)


Why use my page instead of WBS?It let's you login and upload all on one page and is much faster.

I use history.go for the button below.If you get an error reload.I chose this so that if you come to my page and choose to click on the Instructions link clicking the button below will keep your address in the File: field.

Logging in keeps your last visited url in File: field also.You won't lose it.

WARNING:If you attempt to move a file with a .html extention especially an index.html file be CAREFUL.You may end up with files in your WBS/GO directory you never wanted.Lots of them.The Mover will follow links in the index.html file or whatever.html file and move them also.