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Tripod Mirror Instructions

This is pretty straightforward.Use the login form to login to Tripod if you are not already logged in.

The Globe and Xoom mirror features do not work here or at Tripod's own mirror site.I have included them in case they work at some point.The Geocities and Angefire mirror features work.

The geo feature moves one file.After you click mirror button and if you get stuck on a Tripod page saying,"Mirroring in progress",just hit back button and click the Keeper button at top to goto your parent directory to see your file in your Tripod parent directory.

NOTE:If you are moving an index file or an html file at geo that has links in it to subdirectories in your geo account be careful.

I moved my index file from geo.I had links in my geo index file to my snds and imgs subdirectories in that index file.Tripod created both a snds and an imgs subdirectory at my tripod account and moved the related files.The index.html file was in my parent directory.I then had 2 new subs with the linking files.

The Angel feature works the same.But it moves all files in your Angelfire parent directory to your Tripod parent directory.It is NOT a single file mover.Don't wait for the "Mirroring in progress" screen to do something.Hit back button an click Keeper button to goto your Tripod parent directory.

If you have files already at Tripod with same names as the ones you are moving donot overwrite if you donot want to lose the files you already have at Tripod.