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Ed's Testbed Instructions

the black form field and the ! to email yourself or anyone what you type in the textarea.Just enter any email address.
See NOTES below.

View Page:
Type your code in the textarea and click the View Page button to see the results.

If you need some click the Help button.

This saves what you type in the textarea to a cookie.A cookie should be small.One K or two.I prevent you from saving too much to a cookie as this causes problems.See NOTES on this matter.

Recalls what is in the cookie and displays it in the textarea.

Deletes your cookie.Use it if you no longer need the stored data.


WebTV does not allow you to send an unlimited number of characters through a form.If you copy and paste a large amount of code and try to send it you will get stuck in a loop.The "You are about to send" message alert will keep coming back.If this happens you will know why.

I have limited the number of characters you can save to a cookie to 1500 (approximately).WebTV is not specific about the max number you can save.Too much will damage your terminal.1500 is safe.

Clicking Erase also clears the textarea.Keep this in mind.

Sometimes using a LARGE amount of code in the textarea and clicking View Page will not render the page correctly.This is not my doing.The author's code,the way it was written,may not be interpreted perfectly by the WebTV browser/cache.

This is a testbed.Use it for that purpose.The email and cookies are really cool features.Use them for small amounts of information.Use the WebTV copy and paste feature to grab your test code from the textarea if it is alot of characters.

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